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What Are Self-Disinfecting Printed Products?

Lock 3 Printing varnish has an Anti-microbial agent that gives it the ability to permanently kill the Coronavirus and

Bacteria. Products that are printed with our Lock 3 varnish will continue to self-disinfect for 12 months.


Making It Work: Wicklow firm hoping to prevent spread of Covid in schools

A Co Wicklow company is launching a range of germ-resistant desk pads this week ahead of the planned reopening of schools next month. RV International’s Healthy Desk Pads use an antimicrobial print varnish developed in Germany.

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New print ‘nested product’ available in Ireland in 2020

Our ‘nested’ printed product allows businesses to feature a separate printed product inside another one. They are printed both at the same time so it is finally cost effective. It’s 2 printed products for the price of 1.

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Highlights / Announcements

Buying Healthy Desk Pads has been a very positive purchase for  Woodbrook College. Importantly, it has put people’s mind at ease that each individual work  spaces was safe when reopening in September. Students, parents and teachers alike have  been happy with having this product placed on every desk. It has significantly reduced our  cleaning costs and happily our environmental waste too. By having the Healthy Desk Pads,  our students don’t lose time cleaning desks between classes. I would recommend this Irish  product for any school environment.” 

Henry Hurley Principal,  

Woodbrook College, Bray, Co. Wicklow

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