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Healthy Golf Score Card

Sharing and handling your score card has never been safer. Guaranteed for 12 months and more importantly… 18 holes!


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Continually killing 99.95% germs, viruses and fungi on contact, our world-first printed varnish allows you to handle and share your golf cards safely.

Sharing golf cards among players and club members has always been part of the game. All that changed in 2020, NOW our Irish company has introduced a self-disinfecting varnish to Ireland and the UK that makes your golf score cards safe to handle and share again, like you always have.

This German technology took 8 years to develop and is the prefect print solution for Golf Clubs who wish to reduce the risk of germ transmission.

“I love golf.” says CEO Rory Vance, “I’ve seen first-hand how challenging it has been for golf clubs, especially around score cards. I wanted to help. We’ve successfully been able to use the LOCK 3 varnish on golf score cards, making them ‘healthy’ to use again.”

Printed in Ireland with our patented Lock 3 varnish, your club score cards will look and feel better than ever.

Get back to golf!

Please provide your artwork at checkout as directed for best results:
Format: PDFX 1A: 2001 with high resolution images required.
Quality over 300 dpi for all images.
Score cards will be shipped creased and flat.

Like a sample golf score card with LOCK 3 protection? Simply email us your name and address and we'll pop it in the post promptly.

To allow golfers the freedom to use printed golf score cards so they can enjoy their golf as before – pathogen-free.

The Problem We Are Facing:
Germs, bacteria and viruses remain active on surfaces for long periods of time making it temporarily unsafe to share golf score cards… until now.

Custom-printed golf score cards, are made in Ireland using our clinically-tested LOCK 3 water-based varnish. It is the perfect solution for golf clubs. It kills pathogens on contact. Our specialised Healthy Golf Score Cards close gaps in hygiene and reduce the risk of germ transmission. This increases safety for golfers and club members alike.

Importantly to you… your score cards will look and feel better than ever, we’ve tested them with a range of pencils and pens to make sure they work beautifully!

How The Healthy Golf Score Card Works:
This clear varnish is environmentally-friendly, fully recyclable and contains no harmful metals or chemicals. The LOCK 3 varnish contains a special patented substance that has Anti-Microbial properties which means it kills up to 99.95% known bacteria, fungi and the corona virus family, permanently. The special patented substance takes advantage of the principle of photo dynamics.

Who We Are:
Specialist print management company RV International, based in Bray, Co Wicklow, Ireland has partnered with a German company which has developed a water-based varnish. It can be applied to a wide range of materials following the discovery of an antimicrobial agent at the University Clinic in Regensburg. Two family business’s working together to bring healthy printed products to golf clubs, schools, food packaging and pharmaceutical companies etc.

A self-disinfecting golf score card, guaranteed for 12 months and more importantly… 18 holes!


Certificate of Clearance Allergens Lock 3
Dyphox Certificate Lock 3 VGL 15 Certificate Lock 3 of Harmlessness Varcotec (GB)
Clearance Certificate Lock 3
Quality Certificate Declaration of Conformity Lock 3 (GB)
Quality Labs Anti Microbial Test Certificate Lock 3

Healthy Golf Score Cards with the LOCK 3 self-disinfecting varnish are available in Ireland & UK, printed by RV International, based in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Call and speak to Rory, Loraine or Ciaran today 01-272 4877

1 review for Healthy Golf Score Card

  1. at 11:37 am

    James Murphy

    “2020 has been a year of coming up with solutions as we continue to journey through the unknown. Since the return to golf in May, I have been constantly on the look out to further enhance the safety of Members & guests of Bray Golf Club. Something I was introduced to earlier in the year is a sanitised scorecard which certainly could be a solution to all golfers being able to mark other golfers cards going forward with peace of mind.
    Having requested a quote and sample, I was very pleasantly surprised at how competitive it was and the quality of the card was first class. I will definitely be considering Healthy Golf Score Cards from RV International as an option for any future print runs safe in the knowledge that I will be supporting an Irish product.”

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