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Healthy Desk Pads

Self-disinfecting guaranteed for 12 months


Size 60 x 42cm

1-1000 €7.63
1001-1250 €7.23
1251-1500 €6.95
1501-2000 €6.59

FREE DELIVERY IN IRELAND on all orders over 100

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The Healthy Desk Pads are created using a special patented substance with Anti-Microbial properties. It kills 99.95% of all known germs, fungi and the corona family virus on contact. They provide a safe workspace for school children and teachers alike. “The schools will open, this helps them stay open.”

Fancy designing your own school desk pad or adding your crest? Simply add your school crest on the checkout on orders over 100, additional cost is €290. Orders over 500 can be fully customised, to know more click here


Products that will be added:

  • Custom Plate Design

"Such a great idea, having seen the product and spoken to Rory, I'm convinced these healthy desk pads are a product that can help our school reduce the spread of all kinds of germs. We want a healthy school and lower absentee numbers."
Principal - Bray Primary School, Co. Wicklow

Sustainable, long-term protection against pathogens.

The Problem We Are Facing:
Germs, bacteria and viruses remain active on surfaces for long periods of time. Regular disinfecting only helps at the moment of application.

The Healthy Desk Pad, with the clinically-tested Lock 3 water-based varnish, is the perfect solution for schools and creches. It kills pathogens on contact. Our desk pads close gaps in hygiene, reduce the risk of germ transmission and consequently increase safety for our children and teachers like.

How The Healthy Desk Pad Works:
This varnish is environmentally-friendly, fully recyclable and contains no harmful metals or chemicals. The LOCK 3 varnish contains a special patented substance that has Anti-Microbial properties which means it kills up to 99.95% known bacteria, fungi and the corona virus family, permanently.

It will self-disinfect for a guaranteed 12 months.

Product details:
Micro-thin: 0.8mm
Non-slip backing
Design templates available and customising possible over 500 units.


Certificate of Clearance Allergens Lock 3
Dyphox Certificate Lock 3 VGL 15 Certificate Lock 3 of Harmlessness Varcotec (GB)
Clearance Certificate Lock 3
Quality Certificate Declaration of Conformity Lock 3 (GB)
Quality Labs Anti MicrobiaionTest Certificate Lock 3

Healthy Desk Pads with the LOCK 3 self-disinfecting varnish are available in Ireland, printed by RV International, based in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Call and speak to Rory, Loraine or Ciaran today on 01 272 4877


What are Healthy Desk Pads?
Healthy Desk Pads are self-disinfecting desk pads that sit on individual student desks. They kill 99.95 of viruses including the Corona virus family. By reducing the risk of germ transmission, they make classrooms safer for both students and teachers.
Healthy Desk Pads provide a sustainable, long-term protection against pathogens and eliminate the need to clean down desks with disinfectant wipes.

How do they work?
Healthy Desk Pads use a special self-disinfecting varnish called Lock 3. A water-based varnish, Lock 3 contains a patented substance with anti-microbial properties that kills up to 99.95% of known bacteria, fungi and the corona virus family.

Using the principle of photo dynamics, a photocatalyst is activated by visible light. This energy is transferred to the surrounding oxygen. A singlet oxygen is created that kills germs by oxidising a germ shell.

The anti-microbial agent was discovered by a research group at the University Hospital Regensburg, Germany and developed into a water-based varnish for safe use on printed materials.

How much do they cost?
Healthy Desk Pads cost between €6.79 and €7.63 each. This works out at approximately .035 cent each per day. The cost varies depending on the quantity and size you order. The more you order, the greater the economies of scale.

For orders over 100, you can add a school crest or logo at an additional once-off charge of €290.

Orders over 500 are fully customisable at a once off-charge of €290.

How long do they last?
Healthy Desk Pads are guaranteed to be self-disinfecting for a minimum of 12 months.

What happens Healthy Desk Pads after 12 months?
Healthy Desk Pads can be recycled as they contain no heavy metals. Some schools are continuing to use them in the Art Room.

What sizes are they available in?
Healthy Desk Pads are available in two standard sizes:
Size 1: 60 x 42cm
Size 2: 42 x 30cm

Can They be customised?
Yes, they can. Healthy Desk Pads are available in two standard designs:

Old world sepia map
Junior map

For orders over 100, a school logo or crest can be added to either of the standard options at an additional once-off charge.

For orders over 500, there is a fully customised option. Just upload the artwork in the following format:

PDFx 1a: 2001 with High resolution images required and 5mm bleed all round.
Dimensions: 60cm x 42cm OR 42cm x 30cm
Quality over 300 dpi for all images.

How do I order?
You can order from our website, drop an e-mail to: rory@rvinternational.ie or call us on +353 1 1 272 4877

How much is shipping?
We use a courier service and delivery on orders over 100 is free in Ireland.
For orders under 100 the shipping cost for 1-50 pads is €15, and for 50-100 pads is €25. Shipping outside of Ireland will be priced on request.

How long does an order take?
Once you place the order on our website, it takes approximately 2-3 weeks for them to arrive with you.

Is there a minimum order?
No. You can order as little as one or as many as several thousand.

Can Healthy Desk Pads be recycled?
Yes, Healthy Desk Pads can be full recycled. They contain no heavy metals.

Are they better for the environment?
Yes, Healthy Desk Pads are a much safer option for the environment as they are a single use item. They provide an alternative to disinfectant wipes which are not only costly, but are hard to dispose of and do not break down.

What happens if I use a cleaning product e.g. a wipe on them?
Cleaning the Healthy Desk Pad is not necessary. However, if you do clean a Healthy Desk Pad with your school cleaning products this will not affect the properties of the Lock 3 varnish or diminish its ability to kill bacteria.

Additional Information

This new antimicrobial agent has been discovered by a research group at the University Hospital Regensburg, Germany. In a joint development with a German graphic arts company, they succeeded in further developing and using this agent in a water based varnish for a wide range of printed materials.

The special patented substance takes advantage of the principle of photo dynamics. This photocatalyst is activated by visible light – which transfers this energy to the surrounding oxygen. So-called singlet oxygen is created, which efficiently kills germs by oxidizing the germ shell.
It will self-disinfect for a guaranteed 12 months.
This helps to close gaps in hygiene, reduce the risk of germ transmission and consequently increase safety for teachers and students alike.

The printing industry NOW has an innovative way to prevent the spread of possible infections.

4 reviews for Healthy Desk Pads

  1. at 5:17 pm

    Aileen Hanratty

    Love the concept of a safe work space for my kids going back to school. Great product.

  2. at 11:20 am

    Audrey Mc Guinness

    Really want this Healthy Desk Pad in my local school and will be talking to teachers and principals when the school opens up. I want my kids to stay healthy in school and this definitely helps. I love that their work space will be safe all day long. keep our kids in school!

  3. at 2:43 pm

    James Regan

    I’ve just ordered these for my 2 kids to bring to school for their desks. I’ll be hoping the school principal will buy them for all the kids but I’m not going to wait.

    • at 2:46 pm

      Rory Vance (verified owner)

      Thanks James, we would love if you had a word with your school principal! Your Healthy Desk Pad order has been received and we will deliver on September 3rd.

  4. at 9:57 am

    Helen Kenny

    These are such a brilliant idea. I have got two for my kids and sending on the details to their school. Already the teachers and kids are struggling to wipe down their desks after each class. Having these would be one less thing to remember to keep the school environment safe. It would also be a cost-savings for the school as these would be cheaper than 1,000 x 7 wipes a day, and also much better for the environment than wipes.

  5. at 3:54 pm

    Henry Hurley (verified owner)

    Buying Healthy Desk Pads has been a very positive purchase for Woodbrook College. Importantly, it has put people’s mind at ease that each individual work spaces was safe when reopening in September. Students, parents and teachers alike have been happy with having this product placed on every desk. It has significantly reduced our cleaning costs and happily our environmental waste too. By having the Healthy Desk Pads, our students don’t lose time cleaning desks between classes. I would recommend this Irish product for any school environment.

    Henry Hurley Principal,
    Woodbrook College, Bray, Co. Wicklow

  6. at 3:55 pm

    John Kennedy (verified owner)

    With a Healthy Desk Pad on every desk, our 800 students have a sense of security in their workspace. They look great in the classroom and it encourages the students to take pride in their work space, keeping it neater and cleaner than ever. It’s wonderful to support an Irish product that provides us with a long term environmentally- friendly solution, especially as we live with Covid for now. We believe they will pay for themselves very soon, as they are reducing our use of wipes and disinfectant sprays considerably. I would definitely recommend the Healthy Desk Pads.

    John Kennedy Principal,
    St. Brendan’s Community School, Birr, Co. Offaly

  7. at 3:56 pm

    Carol Lanigan (verified owner)

    Having looked at the Healthy Desk Pads and discussed them with Rory I think they will provide an added line of protection for our staff and children. Anything that can help keep everyone safe has to be welcome. Reducing the spread of all kinds of germs will hopefully ensure a healthy environment and that is the number one priority.”

    Carol Lanigan Principal,
    Bray School Project, Bray, Co. Wicklow

  8. at 3:56 pm

    Martin Locke (verified owner)

    We were fortunate to hear about the Healthy Desk Pads in August and purchased one for each student and member of staff in Presentation College Bray. They offer the best protection from germ and virus transmission for our students at their desks and teachers in the staff rooms. Having done a cost analysis before purchasing we knew they would save us on desk cleaning costs quickly. The other benefits include peace of mind and a very real layer of protection against the spread of the virus. We have reduced the environmental impact on the school and less wasted time between classes. I have recommended them to anyone who asks.”

    Martin Locke Principal,
    Presentation College Bray

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