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Custom Healthy Desk Pads

Self-disinfecting guaranteed for 12 months


€290 plus vat 21% custom plate design

Max size 60 x 42cm

500-1000 €7.22 plus vat 21%
1001-1250 €6.87 plus vat 21%
1251-1500 €6.62 plus vat 21%
1501-2000 €6.31 plus vat 21%

Mini Size 42 x 30cm
500-1000 €6.40 plus vat 21%
1001-1250 €5.92 plus vat 21%
1251-1500 €5.40 plus vat 21%
1501-2000 €5.17 plus vat 21%


The Healthy Desk Pads are created using a special patented substance with Anti-Microbial properties. It kills 99.95% of know germs, fungi and the corona family virus on contact. They provide a safe workspace for school children and teachers alike.

If you wish to have a custom design, specific to your school, you can do that here.

To add your school crest to our map designs, CLICK HERE.

Please provide your artwork at checkout as directed for best product results. reduced quality files could result in a delayed delivery.
Format: PDFx 1a: 2001 with High resolution images required and 5mm bleed all round.
Dimensions: 60cm x 42cm OR 42cm x 30cm
Quality over 300 dpi for all images.

FREE DELIVERY IN IRELAND, on orders over 100.


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  • Custom Plate Design

"Such a great idea, having seen the product and spoken to Rory, I'm convinced these healthy desk pads are a product that can help our school reduce the spread of all kinds of germs. We want a healthy school and lower absentee numbers."
Principal - Bray Primary School, Co. Wicklow

Sustainable, long-term protection against pathogens.

The Problem We Are Facing:
Germs, bacteria and viruses remain active on surfaces for long periods of time. Regular disinfecting only helps at the moment of application.

The Healthy Desk Pad, with the clinically-tested Lock 3 water-based varnish, is the perfect solution for schools and creches. It kills pathogens on contact. Our desk pads close gaps in hygiene, reduce the risk of germ transmission and consequently increase safety for our children and teachers like.

How The Healthy Desk Pad Works:
This varnish is environmentally-friendly, fully recyclable and contains no harmful metals or chemicals. The LOCK 3 varnish contains a special patented substance that has Anti-Microbial properties which means it kills up to 99.95% known bacteria, fungi and the corona virus family, permanently.

It will self-disinfect for a guaranteed 12 months.

Product details:
Micro-thin: 0.8mm
Non-slip backing
Standard design available plus customising possible over 500 units.


Certificate of Clearance Allergens Lock 3
Dyphox Certificate Lock 3 VGL 15 Certificate Lock 3 of Harmlessness Varcotec (GB)
Clearance Certificate Lock 3
Quality Certificate Declaration of Conformity Lock 3 (GB)
Quality Labs Anti Microbial Test Certificate Lock 3

Healthy Desk Pads with the LOCK 3 self-disinfecting varnish are available in Ireland, printed by RV International, based in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Call and speak to Rory, Loraine or Ciaran today 01-272 4877

1 review for Custom Healthy Desk Pads

  1. at 11:17 am

    Audrey Mc Guinness

    I’m a parent who has just seen this micro thin product and will be recommending this Healthy Desk Pad product for my local school. Love the idea that my kids will be sick less! The school is such germ-filled environment and this product keeps their work space safe at all times – brilliant.

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