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kills and prevents the transmission of multi resistant bacteria (MSRA) and viruses (Corona Virus).

Benefits For You

  • Protect your employess & patients
  • Help reduce number of sick days
  • Reduce costs and inconvenience with 1 application per year
  • Significantly improve your infection control policy
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Reduce disinfecting  time for staff.
  • Add to your environmental programme

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Who Needs This?

  • Healthcare sectors, hospitals, clinics, & nursing homes.
  • Offices, Public Places
  • Food Processing plants
  • Petrol stations
  • Production facilities
  • Transport, trains, buses and airports.
  • Retail
  • Gyms, sport facilities
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Schools, creches, and after school clubs.
  • Public places

DYPHOX At A Glance…


  • Reduces the transmission of Corona Virus, bacteria like MRSA

  • Easy to apply
  • Continues to self-sanitise for 12 months
  • Environmentally friendly, non-toxic to humans or animals

  • The Dyphox technology uses no harmful chemicals, and is suitable for direct contact with food

How Does DYPHOX Self-sanitise?

Our Services

We can train your staff members or provide the full service for you.
Here is how it works…our

  • On site survey advice and assessment of rooms and objects to be treated.
  • Detailed quotation
  • Schedule a suitable time for you
  • Professional coating of surfaces by our specialists
  • We can alternatively train your staff to apply the coating.
  • Issuing of certificates of hygiene measures carried out.
  • Timely review to refresh your coatings in 12 months.


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