Paper wrap is taking the publishing and commercial markets by storm

What is Paper wrap..? 

Paper wrap is a new way publishers and retailers can improve their carbon foot while at the same time promote their own brad.

Instead of posting out their product in a plastic polywrap they now have the opportunity to safely wrap their catalogue or brochure with a paper wrap. The paper is fully recyclable and FSC certified. 

Apart from the environmental benefits this product brings to the market. There can also be a commercial benefit, by switching to the paper wrapped product. Which we can print full colour, allowing you to promote your brand or sell space on paper wrap to your advertisers.

Innovation and staying ahead is at the heart of everything we do, and this new award-winning paper wrap product is taking the publishing and commercial markets by storm. As well as being less harmful to our planet, paper wrap is a genuine eco-friendly alternative to plastic poly wrap, is 100% recyclable and fully customisable. We ensure that all products are finished to the very highest standards, continuing to push the boundaries to identify what our customers need and what is possible in the world of mailing.

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