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New print ‘nested product’ available in Ireland in 2020

Our ‘nested’ printed product allows businesses to feature a separate printed product inside another one. They are printed both at the same time so it is finally cost effective. It’s 2 printed products for the price of 1.

The best way to describe this nested print product is that it’s a product within a product. It can also be produced using a poster / wall chart within a stitched product. There are a variety of paginations, sizes and papers weights available on this product.

RV International are really excited about this NEW print product that we have brought to the Irish market.

What is the main benefit of a ‘nested’ print product for our customers? Well, it enables them to focus on promoting a different set of products from their main printed product.

A great example of this: Woodies DIY produced a NESTED job at Christmas to promote the sale of their range of Christmas trees. They achieved this by designing up an 8pp foldout poster. This allowed them showcase their trees with greater impact. The poster was placed into the middle of their freshly printed 16 page Christmas magazine and then distributed through the national newspapers as an insert.

The cost benefits we achieved on this job, for the customer, were fantastic.  We produced the job on the same press at the same time, therefore, reducing costs and production time significantly.

Contact us for more information on these fantastic products and see how they can work for you and your business. What to know what other printed products we offer, check out our services.

RV International nested print product for Woodies
A nested print product for Woodies. A stitched brochure inside another stitched brochure. All done on the same press at the same time.
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